We are looking forward to sharing details of our collaborative work as a liason between our business affiliates and our members. This work is led by our  KICA Joint Contracts Advisory Committee (JCAC). It's purpose is: 

1)To provide KICA President with input and recommendations on issues and items where collective contracting could be useful, attractive, and feasible

2)To review proposals for collective contracts and provide KICA President and KICA Board with recommendations on such proposals

3)To support KICA efforts to increase usage of collective contracts among member institutions as well as usage of individual elective contracts (such as those through the Coalition for College Cost Savings)


Affiliate List

The Coalition for College Cost Savings Logo

The Coalition for College Cost Savings (The Coalition) was conceived as a catalyst for the first comprehensive and collaborative purchasing effort focused exclusively on independent, private higher education. The Coalition’s goals are to leverage the collective buying power of private colleges to reduce operating costs, improve the efficiency of internal procedures and ultimately lower the cost of delivering education. The Kansas Independent College Association and Fund (KICA) is a member of the Coalition for College Cost Savings. All Coalition con­tract programs are available to KICA members because of their membership with KICA.