KICA partners with College Consortium for Course Sharing



Kansas independent schools to offer online course exchange.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Topeka, KS - The Kansas Independent College Association (KICA), on behalf of its 19-member institutions, is proud to announce the launch of the Kansas Independent College Course Sharing Consortium (KICCSC). This collaborative effort is based on a statewide agreement with College Consortium to enhance the experience of degree-seeking students, whether that be to help them save money, maintain athletic eligibility, or graduate on time.


College Consortium is an online program and platform designed exclusively for colleges and universities to share online courses and tuition revenue, as well as best practices in online education. Their system allows colleges to better meet their students’ needs by offering access to additional degree completion courses.


The KICCSC is a medium for students of KICA member schools to take advantage of online courses offered by other mission aligned campuses without incurring additional cost or worrying about credit eligibility.


A KICA member student will be able to take an online class offered by another participating Consortium campus and will be guaranteed to be able to apply those credits toward their full-time status and financial aid, and count the grade earned within their campus GPA.


From an administrative perspective, a KICA member school will be able to utilize online classes offered by other participating Consortium campuses to enhance their own curriculums or replace under-enrolled sections. The benefit of using the Consortium platform is that this agreement ensures a formal relationship is set up to provide documentation to HLC and others. KICA President, Matt Lindsey, says of the initiative: “This has been one of the more exciting new initiatives we've been able to undertake, because it simultaneously creates efficiencies for the schools while improving student outcomes, strengthening our network and laying a foundation for even greater student success.”


The Kansas Independent College Association shall serve as the KICCSC Consortium Coordinator and will appoint an individual to serve as Director of the Consortium. This Director will work with the KICA Academic Programs Advisory Committee to serve as the Board of the KICCSC.




Located in Topeka, the Kansas Independent College Association develops and enhances the competitive standing of its 19-member independent, non-profit, regionally accredited, degree-granting colleges and universities and strives to assure opportunity and choice in higher education for all students. KICA was founded in 1976 and is a 501 (c) (4) not-for-profit Kansas corporation. For more information on the KICCSC or KICA, please contact Jesyca Hope at 785-235-9877 or